Yoga and wellness for pregnancy

Relax the mind
Get fit and flexible
Build strength and stamina
Prepare for birth

Breath work, yoga and meditation to help through the trimesters. It is time to say goodbye to backaches, headaches and more and hello to a happy healthy pregnancy.

Give Yourself the joy of a healthy, comfortable pregnancy

The Om Moms equips you with yoga and mindfulness skills that help you enjoy pregnancy to the fullest.

Get better sleep:

A mind at ease falls asleep with ease. Start every day refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way.

Build strength and feel good:

Through regular exercise your body feels strong which in turn makes you feel good. Prepare yourself for 3rd trimester and birth with stamina.

Overcome your fears:

Pregnancy is full of worries but be less overwhelmed with our meditation practices that will help you release fear of birth and clear the mind day to day. 

A full Yoga and Meditation regime that will change your whole pregnancy

Become an Om Mom feel fitter and more flexible, and release fear with our simple, effective programs:


The Om Moms fully guided yoga sequences are designed to get you safely moving on the mat helping you become fit and flexible. There is a beginners practice if new to yoga to guide you, yoga flows all designed to build strength and stamina and a full 45 minute yoga for birth, mental and physical practice, to prepare your mind and body for labour.

Positive affirmations

To induce positivity into the mind and reduce negativity. Reducing anxiety, improving your mood & enhancing your pregnancy journey and birthing experience.

Guided Meditations

The Om Moms guided meditation programs will help you feel the fruits of meditation by talking you into to a meditative mindset and guiding you on a journey of visulisation to a birth your desire and deserve.

Breathing Exercises

Learn how to implement calming, stress-dispersing breathing techniques so you can relax the mind, release bad thoughts, calm and focus. Learn breathing techniques not just for pregnancy but to carry you through labour.

Hello, I’m Ellie.

I’m your Om Moms specialist yoga teacher and Hypnobirthing mindfulness coach.

In my years studying and teaching pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes, I’ve seen firsthand the effect that the lack of exercise, a tense mind and body and no education on whats happening  can seriously effect your birthing journey.

Yes pregnancy can be tiring and uncomfortable with niggly common ailments but learn to move your body safely to help it feel energised along the way.

Yes pregnancy can be a busy time mentally and physically but take time out for yourself to rest the mind and in turn relax the body.

See how our Pregnancy Yoga and Meditation packages have helped people get fit, enjoy their pregnancies and have positive birthing stories.

What People Are Saying About The Course

“Im feeling very confident right now even though its imminent there is no fear or anything and i know i build that through the classes” 


Learn the steps to getting fit and flexible, feeling good in the mind and body and being prepared for birth with our Pregnancy yoga and Meditation Package

99 $ 39$

The practices in The Om Moms Pregnancy Yoga and Meditation Package will help you gain strength and stamina, feel good daily and carry your anxieties away.

The Pregnancy Yoga and Meditation Package includes:

  • 3 unique breathing techniques to calm, focus and dispel stress in pregnancy and labour
  • A beginners practice guide to pregnancy yoga explaining postures and what we do on the mat
  • 3 Express stretches targeting the back, shoulders and hips
  • 5 prenatal yoga flows to enhance your strength and flexibility
  • A 45 minute birth preparation yoga practice
  • 3 guided imagery Hypnobirthing relaxations that will take you to your happy place in pregnancy and birth
  • A set of positive affirmations that ward of negative thoughts

Roll out your mat today and reap the benefits of prenatal yoga and meditation throughout the rest of your pregnancy

  • Don’t be a coach potato in pregnancy use this time to get fit and prepare yourself for motherhood.
  • Fear and anxiety in pregnancy can take over and ruin your birthing experience. Don’t let it happen.
  • The Om Moms Pregnancy Yoga and Meditation is your get fit and healthy in pregnancy lifeline